Embassy of Ukraine to Canada

, Kyiv 23:30

Scientific and Technical Cooperation between Ukraine and Canada

The key Canadian state body responsible for technical cooperation with other countries is the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Cooperation with CIDA has played a crucial role in establishment and deepening of scientific and technical cooperation between Ukraine and Canada. It contributed to the ties between many state organs, scientific and educational institutions as well as to the development of close cooperation in juridical sphere. In particular, CIDA actively promotes partnership of the Ukrainian side with the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada Justice Canada, Canada Border Services Agency and others.

Special place taken by Ukraine in Canadian foreign technical aid was confirmed by its inclusion into the list of 20 countries receiving the most part (over 80%) of the Canadian financial aid within the framework of the CIDA projects. Ukraine is the only European state in this list.

As for now CIDA entirely or partly (together with the other donors) coordinates 35 operational international technical aid project to Ukraine. Among them 19 are implemented only in Ukraine, 16 – in Ukraine and other countries. 10 more (5 only in Ukraine, 5 – in Ukraine and other countries) are terminating, 19 are closed (8 only in Ukraine and 11 – in Ukraine and other countries).

According to the last data of the Canadian side total amount of the Canadian technical aid to Ukraine rendered since 1991 exceeded $383 million.

Canadian assistance to Ukraine was traditionally focused on governance issues; more specifically on electoral, administrative and judicial reforms, and strengthening civil society. It also supported initiatives for private sector (with a special attention to small business) and regional development, particularly in the agriculture sector. Environmental sustainability, gender equality, and youth are crosscutting themes integrated into all programming.

Starting from 2009 new priorities of CIDA have been being implemented: stimulating sustainable economic growth, increasing food security, and securing the future of children and youth. For Ukraine stimulating sustainable economic growth, in particular creation of friendly business environment, was determined the main priority.

Full list of the CIDA projects for Ukraine can be found here: